Baby two had their 20 week anomaly scan

Today was an important day. Baby two was scanned for common anomalies.  As far as the sonographer could tell, all was well.  Baby was very co-operative today, unlike at the 12 week scan.  Here are some pictures for anyone who is interested.

The next scan will be an INTERBIO-21st research scan in October.

Mystery mushroom

We were out for a walk at Basildon Park (National Trust) yesterday and came across this mystery fungus.  Anyone know what it is?

Sleeping cat

I was just playing with some of the WordPress gallery features and I thought I would share these photos of one of my cats.  She’s soooo cute!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arghghghghgh!  Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  I just thought you should all know and I hope you do your best to talk like a pirate.  Oxford University IT Services has got into the spirit again this year and is running a course on the statistical package R (  They are also promoting some suitably pirate-themed electronic resources:

Enjoy them.

[Limps off stage left.] is back

After being down for some time due to my home server getting too hot this Summer, I have finally forked out for hosting for the site.  It should stay up now! More content to come!